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Teen Prank show in Production for YTV and Disney XD

February 2015: Essential Media and marble media are in production in Toronto on Made-up a new hidden camera show for YTV and Disney XD.

Practical jokes are about to be taken to the next level! Essential Media (Fools Gold, Panic Button), with its expertise in the hidden camera space, and award-winning content creator marblemedia (Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!, Splatalot) announced they have partnered on Made-up, a new hidden camera show created by Mark Herwick (Code:9) and hosted by Andrew Chapman (Extreme Babysitting). The 13x30 minute series will premiere later this year on Disney XD (U.S.) and YTV (Canada).

Made-up is a half-hour hidden camera series where kids pull clever pranks on unsuspecting family members. In each episode, a professional make-up artist uses special effects make-up to completely transform a teenager into a totally unrecognizable character.

The teens go undercover to test their disguises on the general public, learning to walk the walk and talk the talk along the way. Then, after a lesson with an acting coach, they join a cast of actors and take part in a hilarious prank that turns the tables on an unsuspecting adult family member. Viewers are in on the joke the whole time, from the make-up transformation to the hilarious reveal, in which the adults realize they have been fooled by a kid who is totally MADE UP!

"Made-up is a show the entire family can watch together,” said Essential Media's Executive Producer, Jesse Fawcett. “We’re turning the tables and putting kids in charge of planning and executing some pretty amazing pranks.”

"The fact that the kids are in the prank in full disguise, face to face with their own family members without getting recognized is really mind-blowing!” said Creator and Executive Producer, Mark Herwick.

“Kids trying to fool adults is a classic scenario that transcends generations and is something everyone can attest to attempting at one-point in time,” said Matt Hornburg, Co-CEO and Executive Producer, marblemedia. “Loaded with physical humour, surprises and larger than life pranks, Made-up will speak to audiences both young and old.”

Made-up is executive produced by Jesse Fawcett, Joey Case, Mark Herwick, Dan Sachoff, Jonathan Dueck, Matt Hornburg and Mark J.W. Bishop. Distribution360 is distributor of the series.