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Fool's Gold - Seasons 1 & 2

  • 12 x 30' For Discovery Channel

    Season 2 - This season our Fools' are armed with just enough knowledge that, with any luck, they’ll pull enough gold from the Straw Lake Beach Mine to sustain themselves for another year…or maybe, just maybe, they’ll find enough of the shiny stuff to make their wildest dreams come true!

    Season 1 - Premiered 13 May 2014 on Discovery
    Join the least talented gold miners on Earth as they fight, cuss, shoot, drink, gamble and mine away a fortune in the frozen Canadian North, all in the pursuit of another fortune.
  • Season 2 - 12 x 30'

    Showrunner Joey Case
    Producers Jonathan Dueck, Michael McMahon, Kristina McLauglin for Discovery Canada
    EP’s Chris Hilton, Jesse Fawcett

    Season 1 - 12 x 30' Mini-Series Factual

    Produced by Jonathan Dueck and Joey Case for Discovery Canada

    Distributed by TCB Media Rights